Linwood Wine To-Go Reaches 1000!



Thanks go out to all of you who have supported our app by downloading it to your devices…. We have now reached 1000 downloads!

I know 1000 might not sound like a lot to some of you out there but for us it means much more than you can imagine.  So again… Thank you all!

If you have NOT yet downloaded our app for android please visit the play store and download it today!


Linwood Wine To-Go v1.6.1

Finished a HUGE update for the app….

I’ve added:

  • A UPS tracking tool, that gives you a brief status report on online orders placed with us by using either the UPS tracking number OR the Linwood Order Number
  • A Weather tool that gives brief current/forecast weather information, so you can get an idea on whether or not it’s ideal to have wine shipped
  • You can now SHARE the item you’re viewing in more ways than just Facebook
  • The Information section has been updated to give a little bit more information, especially regarding the new tools that were added
  • Icons have been updated across the whole app to be more visually pleasing
  • Search list updated to display more information
  • Few bug fixes and layout issues resolved
  • Major code cleanup

Linwood Wine To-Go v1.5

Well it’s been a while but the update is here.

  • When you search for items the resulting list has more details about the item.
  • The searching has been enhanced and updates on items are completed daily (every morning) so the information should be more accurate now then it has been in the past.
  • Weather Shipping Information section has been created and prepped for future update.  Once it’s completed it will simply be enabled.
  • Facebook Timeline integration… Can now share items on Facebook timeline.

I hope you guys enjoy the update.  Please leave me some feedback!

Linwood Wine To-Go v1.4.2

Apparently there was issues with the app not showing up in the Market of certain Tablets.  This update fixes that issue.  If you have a tablet and still don’t see the app in the market please let me know.

Linwood Wine To-Go v1.4

After being busy for a long time I have FINALLY had the chance to update the app with a couple of key things I wanted to get done.  I’ve polished the Contact Tools a bit to be better performing and more reliable.  I’ve also updated the search method to be quicker  and easier to use.  Also changed around the options a bit and the splash screen.

If you have a chance check out the update and let me know what you think.

Linwood Wine To-Go v1.3.1….

Fixed a small issue that was not allowing certain users to use the Call feature of the Contact Tools.

Linwood Wine To-Go v1.3!

Just finalized and released another update for Linwood Wine To-Go…  In version 1.3 I’ve combined the Help and Info section into one allowing me to add a Tools section.  The first feature added under that tab is the “Contact Tool” making it even easier to get a hold of us.

I’ve also fixed an issue that was causing devices with slide out keyboards to reset the screen every time the keyboard was open/closed.

If you haven’t already make sure you make your way over to the android market and download Linwood Wine To-Go!



Linwood Wine To-Go v1.2

Made a few changes to the app even though only one may be noticed…

-Fixed some more issues I noticed in the code.
-Consolidated some more of the code to be more efficient.
-Added Beer & Spirits to searchable items now. 
-Now when you add a picture to an email request it will ask if you want to take a new picture or pick from an existing one.
-Coding fixed on attaching image to email so that image FILE is attached therefor making it better quality than previously.

Linwood Wine To-Go v1.1!

The app has been updated.  I added options to it, fixed a couple of bugs, changed the icon to give it a little bit of a sleeker look, updated some information in ‘Intro’ as well as the ‘Help’ sections.  I changed the icons in the app also to be better represented on different devices.

Server side I’ve added (only for certain items) pictures and also rating images.

As more data is available and more items are added the database will be updated.  In those cases there’s no need to download an update to the app since it’s made to work automatically with the updates done server side.  There’s a few more things that I have in mind for the app so be sure to stay tuned 😉

Thanks to all of those that supported me and those that continue to support me.

LWTG Updated Server Side 07-15-11

After long hard work I finally enhanced the database to include more items in our inventory.  The program now actually includes all wines in our system not just the ones on our website.  Some items (for one reason or another) we don’t/can’t place online but you will be able to see them in the app.  I will be working on filtering our database even more to make sure it provides the most reliable information regarding availability.  For now it’s showing every wine we have currently or have had before.

I’ve also added ratings to the item information displayed.  If the wine has a rating setup in our inventory then it will show up in the app.

These updates proved to be a lot more time consuming than I thought it was going to be.  I might take a day or two off of coding to relax my eyes and clear my mind and then I’ll be back.  Look for another app update most likely Sunday July 17, 2011… Just a couple of bug fixes, info correction, and so on to better integrate with the server side updates.

Just to be clear there’s no need to update the actual application as the updates were done server side… So you should see the changes if you open the app right now.