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Application Launch Delayed…

I signed up for a developer account with Android and now I have to get some things done that I didn’t previously anticipate.  Due to these unforeseen circumstances I’m going to have to unfortunately push back the launch of the Linwood Wine To-Go application.  I am hoping that I can get these things done in a timely manner so that the launch won’t be TOO delayed…


Linwood Wine To Go Update 06/22

Added beer and liquor to searchable items… More functionality is coming soon regarding those categories but for now its at least working… For those with the beta application, no update is needed on your end to see this change.  🙂

Simply scan beer or search by name…. if you find any issues please let me know…. I’ve worked out most of the issues that were found but I would like to eliminate all issues before app release on sunday…  I appreciate all the beta testers participation and input.

Linwood Wine To Go Beta sent out!


If any of you haven’t gotten it or would like to receive it let me know…. If all things go well I hope to release the app from beta next sunday and place it in the market… I’m hoping this beta goes well, and that I caught most of the bugs and issues already…

Linwood Wine To-Go Beta testers needed

Well the program is at that stage now… I’m going to be sending out the beta files for the testers pretty soon.  If you would like to be a part of this beta testing and help me out, please email me at with your name and device you’ll be using…

Thanks in advance!

Linwood Wine To-Go Status

Making good progress on the app “Linwood Wine To-Go” for android… Going to clean up a couple of the existing features, do a little interface work and then I’m going to start sending out the install file for beta testers…   If you want to help out with the beta testing please let me know… Thanks